Lego sets – with exception of Duplo line – to be packaged at Kladno plant

Photo: archive of Radio Prague

More bricks than ever will fall into place at Lego's Kladno plant.

Photo: archive of Radio Prague
Lego company executives have decided to move the completion and packaging of all Lego brick sets to the Czech Republic. The sole exception, is Duplo, a product line aimed at younger children, the new head of the Czech branch in Kladno, Cornelis Versluis confirmed in an interview for the financial website iHNED.

Lego’s Kladno site, located 30 kilometers outside Prague, has seen increased success in recent years and is understood as a key piece in Lego’s success. It is currently undergoing extensive renovation and expansion. The production center will be responsible for the final sorting, packaging and shipping of Lego products to many countries in Europe but also further abroad: to Asia and the United States. The Kladno plant currently employs 2,000 people and ships some 2.5 million units weekly. After the adaptation of the Czech plant is complete along with a new production hall, production at the plant will span 150,000 square meters. Lego executives are confident the number of units completed and shipped could double.

Kladno is also home to the immensely popular min figures, blind-buy collectable figures now in their umpteenth line, which include iconic characters like Sherlock Holmes, Marilyn Monroe, a Tolkienesque dwarf, space marines and countless others. The plant also produces pieces for the Legoland theme park. Last year production at the Czech Republic’s Lego branch increased by 35%; Czechs themselves spend the equivalent of 15 million euros on Legos annually.