Leave it to the horse


In today's edition of SoundCzech you will learn another popular Czech phrase. This time, through the song "Nechte to koňovi" by the well-known Czech singer Jaromír Nohavica. The prase to listen out for today is the same as the title of the song: Nechte to koňovi.

"Nechte to koňovi" literally translates as "leave it to the horse". The whole phrase usually goes like this: "Nechte to koňovi, má větší hlavu", or "leave it to the horse, he's got a bigger head". Czechs use this phrase when trying to solve a problem which is rather complicated and to which there is no clear answer. Also, if it is something which does not require an immediate answer or it is not very important, you can just brush it aside and say: "Nechte to koňovi, má větší hlavu".

If you have listened carefully, you have probably noticed that one word in the phrase sounds a little different: Nohavica sings "má velkou hlavu" instead of "má větší hlavu" - he says "a big head" instead of "a bigger head". But the most common version uses the word "bigger", because when you use this sentence you want to say that a horse has got a bigger head that the person you are speaking with and, therefore, is cleverer than that person and more likely to find the right solution to the problem. Of course, there's no need to say that you can use this phrase only with friends or family members... But, in this case, you would say "nechej" or "nech" instead of the plural form "nechte".

If you want to widen your Czech vocabulary even more, you can learn another phrase which you can use in similar situations: "Víc hlav víc ví" which literally translates as "more heads know more". But for now, have another listen to "Nechte to koňovi". Na shledanou.