Leadership of Prague TOP 09 may opt for withdrawal from current coalition agreement

The leadership of TOP 09 in Prague is set to meet on Monday evening to discuss the future of its coalition with the right-of-centre Civic Democrats at City Hall. The Czech news agency reports that it is likely the party will withdraw from the current coalition agreement. If it takes the step there are several possible outcomes, including new negotiations on a new agreement with the Civ Dems introducing changes in who oversees key fields such as public transport, property and financing, now under the competency of the Civic Democrats. TOP 09, the winners of the last municipal election, could also form a minority with support from the Civic Democrats or the Social Democrats or try and form a broader coalition. Members of the current council; have been at odds for weeks over key questions including the financing of the public transit company or the Blanka tunnel – far over budget.

Author: Jan Velinger