Latest vote count

Latest vote count

The graph shows the latest vote count in the 2021 general elections. Polling stations closed at 2pm around the country. The vote count is usually concluded by the evening hours. Voters must cast their ballot in person, since Czech law does not enable electronic or postal voting, which makes the counting of votes relatively fast.

Explanatory notes: Celostátní výsledky - Nationwide results; Sečteno - Counted; Účast - Turnout; Konečné - Final

Abbreviations used:

  • SPOLU - electoral alliance of Civic Democrats, Christian Democrats and TOP 09
  • Pirstan  - electoral alliance of Pirate Party and Mayors and Independents
  • ČSSD - Social Democratic Party
  • SPD  -  Freedom and Direct Democracy Party
  • KSČM - Communist Party

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