Kubera: motion to file treason complaint against Klaus aimed at ending his political career

The head of the Civic Democrats’ senators group, Jaroslav Kubera, says a cross-party motion to file a treason complaint against Václav Klaus is intended to vilify the outgoing president in such a way that he quits politics. Speaking on a TV debate show ahead of a vote on the motion on Monday, Mr. Kubera said his Senate colleagues were “going after a fly with a shotgun”. The challenge’s backers want the Constitutional Court to rule on whether Mr. Klaus acted unconstitutionally in connection with a controversial amnesty and other steps. For his part, Jiří Dientsbier – one of those behind the move – said the aim was not to punish Mr. Klaus but to make clear that the Senate would not stand for unconstitutional behavior. The president, who is 71, steps down on Thursday after a decade in office.

Author: Ian Willoughby