Klaus was not told he would feature in bloc billboards

Former Czech president Václav Klaus has admitted in an interview for the student news site iList (run by students from Prague’s University of Economics) that he didn’t know support which he expressed for the right-wing bloc Hlava Vzhůru! (Heads Up!) led by fellow euro sceptic Jana Bobošíková would translate in his photo being used on billboards in the recent elections. The bloc suffered a debacle when Czechs went to the polls at the end of October, receiving only 0.4 percent of the vote – far below the five percent needed to make it into the lower house of Parliament. In the interview, Mr Klaus maintained that critical views of the EU such as Bobošíková’s were needed and admitted that he himself had considered trying to either rebuild the Civic Democratic Party or form a new group, but had gauged there was too little time ahead of the elections to launch a proper platform and campaign.

Author: Jan Velinger