Klaus: Topolánek’s former government most ‘lobbied’ in Czech history

In an interview with Lidové noviny on Saturday, Czech president Václav Klaus said that he was ‘disappointed’ in the former government of Mirek Topolánek, and never had a cabinet succumbed to such pressure from lobbyists. Mr Klaus said that in the history of the Czech Republic, he had never seen a government which yielded so much to lobbyists’ interests and named former Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek’s advisor Marek Dalík as one lobbyist to have penetrated the upper echelons of the Czech government in particular. On Friday, President Václav Klaus denied allegations that he had a hand in the fall of Mirek Topolánek’s cabinet in March. The former prime minister has accused Mr Klaus, Prague mayor Pavel Bem and rivals within his own Civic Democratic Party of having orchestrated the fall.

Author: Rosie Johnston