Karel Čapek Memorial marks 60 years

Karel Čapek and Olga Scheinpflugová

The Karel Čapek Memorial, at the famous Czech writer’s former home in Central Bohemia, is this weekend celebrating 60 years of existence.

Karel Čapek's Memorial in Stará Huta near Dobříš today | Photo: René Volfík,  Karel Čapek Memorial

Karel Čapek and his wife Olga received the villa in Stará Huť as a wedding present. They fell in love with the place and spent all their free time there until the author’s death in 1938. The couple found an island of peace there in the turbulent times of the second half of the 1930s. The Čapeks hosted friends at the villa and important works, such as The White Disease, were written there.

Zdeněk Vacek | Photo: René Volfík,  Karel Čapek Memorial

“Čapek was happy here. Visitors can still feel the positive energy even now, 85 years after his death. He would surely be happy that the Gulch still stands and remains a place of cultural meetings, reminding adults and young people of his work and what he aspired to,” says Zdeněk Vacek, director of the memorial.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the memorial, Mr. Vacek has prepared an extensive exhibition. “We are also launching the celebrations with the premiere of a new documentary film about the transformations of various interesting corners of the garden and the house.”