Kajinek's escape triggers new debate on death penalty

While a nationwide hunt for a dangerous killer who escaped from the maximum security prison of Mirov last Sunday continues, heads are beginning to roll at the prison, where an investigation has uncovered repeated violations of prison regulations. Eight guards and a deputy director, and most recently Mirov's general director, Milan Kohoutek, have been removed from their posts.

The search for the escaped killer, Jiri Kajinek, has become the number-one topic of discussion among Czechs, and has inevitably triggered a debate on the re-introduction of the death penalty in the Czech Republic. The latest survey shows that 61% of Czechs favour re-introducing the death sentence, while 26% are against. So is the re-introduction of the death penalty a real possibility? This is a question that Daniela Lazarova put to independent commentator Vaclav Pinkava: