Justice Minister to order review of police raid

Justice Minister Pavel Blažek, a member of the Civic Democratic Party, has said he will order a review of the massive police raid which took place last week at the Office of the Government. The raid marked the beginning of a crisis which led to the resignation of the prime minister and consequently the government this week. Minister Blažek stressed that the review, the results of which are expected in several weeks, was in no way an attempt to gauge the “guilt or innocence” of parties arrested, but solely to ascertain whether the use of 400 officers was called for in the arrest, as he put it, of six individuals (two others were arrested later). The proposal received unanimous support from the government, the minister said. The centre-right cabinet is only staying on in a caretaker capacity until the president chooses a prime minister designate to try and form a new coalition.

Author: Jan Velinger