Jude Law displays star power at Karlovy Vary film festival

Jude Law, photo: Štěpánka Budková

The Czech Republic’s biggest film festival, is now in full swing. Reporter Sarah Borufka talked to Daniela Lazarová about which actors and films have so far made an impact at the 45th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The first question was: “What was the biggest highlight so far?”

Jude Law, photo: Štěpánka Budková
“Well Daniela, it was most certainly Jude Law’s arrival in Karlovy Vary on Monday night. He was by far the best known celebrity to arrive this year. And he really impressed the festival guests with his down to earth attitude. He said he really enjoyed the atmosphere very much. And he was here on the occasion of the festival president’s award. As part of the award ceremony his film “The Talented Mr. Ripley” was shown. And he also met with outgoing prime minister Jan Fischer.”

Aside from Jude Law what other international guests have turned up?

Micheline Presle, photo: CTK
“Well, last night, Wednesday night that is, two well known actresses visited the festival, the Portuguese Marie de Medeiros, who is probably best remembered for her role in the film “”Pulp Fiction” and the French cinema legend Micheline Presle. They were both here to introduce the film called “Hitler in Hollywood” which is a mockumentary about a Hollywood conspiracy and it was previewed here at the festival and is running in the main competition.”

And Sarah, what films now appear to be hot favourites in the competition?

“Well Daniela the jury of course has to be very tight lipped about any of their preferences so I have been following the audiences’ favourites. And the audience awards are favouring one Czech movie, Jan Svěrák’s “Kooky” which is quite popular with the audience. And the documentary that is doing well in terms of audience ratings is the documentary “Katka” by Helena Třeštíková the subject of which is a heroin addict whom she has followed for 14 years. And the outside the competition an audience hit was showing as part of the independents’ forum, it was the British comedy “Four Lions.” It is about the hilarious attempt by four British men who try to start a Jihad in Britain and of course miserably fail.”

'Four Lions'
Right, do you have a favourite of your own?

“Well actually I must say that “Four Lions” had me roaring with laughter. So even though it is not in the competition I would say it is my favourite.”