Jourová: Voice of Europe to be included in EU's 14th Russian sanctions package

The Prague-based pro-Russian media site Voice of Europe will be included in the EU's 14th sanctions package against Russia over its war on Ukraine, Vice-President of the European Commission Věra Jourová said on Czech Television on Sunday. The Czech government added the organisation to its national sanctions list at the end of March after the Czech counterintelligence agency, BIS, discovered that it was attempting to influence the European Parliament elections by bribing far-right politicians in countries such as Germany, Belgium and France. Ms. Jourová said that the EU regards Voice of Europe not as a real media platform but rather an instrument for Kremlin propaganda.

Czechia is also trying to get the two individuals associated with the site, Artem Marchevsky and Viktor Medvedchuk, on the EU sanctions list, but the commissioner said she doesn't know yet if that will happen.

Author: Anna Fodor