Jaromir Nohavica's songs appear on Communist Party promo CD

The complete collection of songs from Jaromir Nohavica's new CD, Prazska palena, have surfaced as part of the Communist Party's promotional CD in the north Moravian district of Ostrava-south. The popular folk singer did not give permission for his music to be part of the Communist Party's senate and regional election campaign, and is upset by the development. In a statement for the media, Mr. Nohavica said that "the communists always nationalized property and stole. But it surprised me that they are handing out songs that were written against their policies." Ten thousand CDs have been produced as part of the Communist Party's campaign. A representative from the Ostrava Communists says that his party did not know about the content of the promotional material, which was the responsibility of an agency, and therefore the party need not apologize to Mr. Nohavica.