Jan Graubner to become new Prague Archbishop

Olomouc Archbishop Jan Graubner will become the new Archbishop of Prague, the Vatican announced on its website on Friday.

Mr Graubner succeeds Cardinal and Archbishop Dominik Duka, who has served as head of the Czech Roman Catholic Church since 2010. Mr Duka has served in the position despite being over 75, the age at which church dignitaries traditionally retire from their posts.

Jan Graubner, who is 73, has served as the Archbishop of Olomouc since 1992. In 2020, he was appointed the president of the Czech Bishops’ Conference since 2020.

In 2008, then President Václav Klaus awarded Graubner the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk II for his contribution to the development of democracy, humanity and human rights.

Author: Ruth Fraňková