Jan Bradac - head of Falcon Film

Jan Bradac is the managing director of Falcon film, a Czech distribution company that holds a theatrical licence for Sony and Buena Vista Int'l here in the Czech Republic. Jan took over at Falcon five years ago when he was 27, just two years after starting at the company as a sales manager; today Jan is known to everyone who is anyone in the film business here. As managing director of Falcon he oversees bringing block-busters like Spider-man to Czech screens. Jan also puts a lot of stock in Czech films (such as this year's The Year of the Devil currently in competition at the 37th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and past documentaries like Jana Chytilova's The Plastic People of the Universe). For Jan Bradac is both a matter of pride as well as good economic sense. Tune in to One on One to hear him discuss the intricacies of the Czech film business today.