Jakl: Lisbon ratification will not be complete without Klaus’ signature

Ladislav Jakl, a secretary of the Czech President, Václav Klaus, told Czech TV on Sunday that the ratification of the Lisbon treaty by the Czech Republic will only be completed after it is signed by the president. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout said that the president should sign the treaty but refused to give an opinion on whether the Czech head of state is obliged to do so. President’s secretary Jakl also said that there are already enough senators to petition the Constitutional Court with a further review of the treaty.

The Czech president is a staunch critic of the EU’s reform document; Social Democrat Senator Alena Gajdůšková told the news website tyden.cz that the president could be impeached if he refuses to sign the treaty that had been approved by both chambers of the Czech Parliament.

Author: Jan Richter