iRozhlas: Zeman seeking info on Russian spies from intelligence chief

The Czech president, Miloš Zeman, has asked the head of the country’s BIS counterintelligence, Michal Koudelka, for a list of the names of the Russian spies in the Czech Republic and details of their ongoing operations, reported on Monday.

Experts cited by the news site said that this task was problematic in view of the fact that intelligence services guarded their sources and detailed information could lead to them being exposed.

They also point to some of the people close to Mr. Zeman, including his advisor Martin Nejedlý, who last week flew to Moscow to hold talks with representatives of Vladimir Putin, and the president’s chancellor Vratislav Mynář, who does not have security clearance.

Mr. Zeman has in the past been critical of the leadership of Mr. Koudelka and recently presented Prime Minister Andrej Babiš with a dossier outlining how the BIS chief is not a “good manager”.

Author: Ian Willoughby