Internet petition calls for justice for Czech killed in London

An Internet petition has been started protesting the Old Bailey, London, court verdict which set free on April 3 a British man accused of killing a Czech outside a fast food joint in the East End last year. The petition’s founder writes that against all evidence the accused was found not guilty of either murder or manslaughter by a jury. The petition will be sent to the British Home Secretary when 2,500 signatures were accumulated. It already had 2,260 mid-morning Wednesday. The case of the deceased Czech, Zdeněk Makar, has been taken up by Czech foreign minister Lubomír Zaorálek. He called in the British ambassador to Prague, Jan Thompson, for an explanation and was due to speak to his British counterpart, Boris Johnson, on Wednesday.

Zaorálek later said he had sent a diplomatic note to London calling for all details of the trail and asking for information how the verdict could be appealed. After his meeting with Johnson, he also said he had sought assurances that the victim's Czech nationality was not a factor in the killing.

Author: Chris Johnstone