Interim PM presents new cabinet

Interim Prime Minister Jan Fischer announced his cabinet on Tuesday. He presented his list of ministers to President Václav Klaus on Tuesday afternoon, who accepted Mr Fischer’s suggestions, saying they spelt an end to the political uncertainty in this country in recent months. The final names were added to Mr Fischer’s list on Tuesday morning, when Eduard Janota agreed to become finance minister, and Mr Fischer accepted the nomination of Daniela Kovářová as justice minister and Miroslava Kopicová to head the country’s Education Ministry. Mr Fischer’s caretaker government of experts will take over from the outgoing cabinet on May 8. The caretaker cabinet will steer the country to early elections, to be held in October.

Mr. Fischer said on Monday the main goal of his administration would be to successfully finish the country’s EU presidency and to draft the 2010 state budget, keeping the budget deficit below 150 billion crowns.

Author: Rosie Johnston