Interactive abstract art with real-world implications

A new art exhibition opens at the Veletrzni Palac of the National Gallery on December 13 that presents interactive abstract art with important contemporary implications. A group of graphic artists and architects are in the process of creating a man-sized computer sphere which they hope to integrate into modern university education courses. This exhibit follows their progress. Pavla Navratilova has this report:

E-Area is a Prague-based company that hopes to integrate abstract art and cutting edge technology. I caught up with a member of the creative team, Stanislav Vesely, who told me more about the company and its presentation at the National Gallery:

E-Area hopes that these two projects will benefit both the Czech and the international academic communities. The first project, called E-Mpact, is an attempt to built a computer large enough for a human being to fit inside it. Once inside, students will experience various virtual reality situations, in order to improve their understanding of the world around them. The aim is to simulate the effects that our behaviour in the present will have on the environment in the future, without real time restrictions.

The second project, E-Forum, is an Internet platform for discussing issues raised at the Prague-based Forum 2000 Conference, but on an international level. The goal is to turn discussions on progress and change a world-wide forum, which will be available to students of all ages. Stanislav Vesely explains:

The National Gallery will present E-Area's progress on these two projects, which has been compiled by a creative team led by a promising young artist, Federico Diaz. The exhibition will last until February 18th, 2000 and you can hear more about this in an upcoming edition of The Arts.

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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