Intelligence service: Czech diplomat handed over information to Russians

An employee of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs collaborated with Russia’s civilian intelligence agency the SVR, handing over classified information to them, the Deník N news site reported on Thursday, referring to Prime Minister Petr Fiala, Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský and the Czech BIS intelligence service.

Other Czech news sites said that the diplomat, who had worked for the Ministry for since the 1990s, had been forced to leave his job.

Deník N said he had had the highest level of security clearance, allowing him access to top secret documents. He worked at Czech embassies, including in an African country.

Mr. Fiala praised BIS, who had surveilled the man for years, for uncovering his activities.

One source told the news site that the Russian spy agency had capitalised on the man’s “weakness for women and money”.

It is unclear whether the man can face criminal prosecution. Deník N quoted an official as saying that information gathered by BIS could not be used in court.

Author: Ian Willoughby