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Poland's sports minister intervenes on soccer corruption claims

Poland's sports minister called on the governing board of the country's soccer federation to resign, after police arrested a board member on suspicion of corruption and match-fixing. Police detained a 63-year-old board member on Thursday morning but did not disclose the suspect's name due to Polish privacy laws. Sports Minister Tomasz Lipiec called on federation president Michal Listkiewicz and the federation's leadership to step down.

Czech's out of step with EU law - European court ruling

The European Court of Justice has ruled the Czech Republic is breaching EU law regarding the recognition of qualification of medical doctors and dentists. The court upheld an earlier decision by the European Commission which will now decide on further steps against the Czech Republic. The EU criticises the fact that doctors and dentists from other EU countries working in the Czech Republic for a short period of time need to register with the Czech medical chamber while under EU legislation they only need certificates from their home countries.

Poland - euro a "distant prospect"

Poland's Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski says Poland can enter the euro zone "only when it is economically prepared." At a press conference on Thursday Mr Kaczynski also said adopting the euro seemed like a distant prospect.

Slovenia to lift troop numbers in Kosovo

Slovenia will increase to 700 the number of its soldiers taking part in peace-keeping operations in Kosovo. There are currently just over 200 Slovene soldiers in Kosovo and they'll be joined by another 500 in February. After the troop build-up Slovenia is to take over command of one of the regions within the NATO mission. Kosovo is currently administered by the United Nations and a decision on its future status is expected next month.

Hungary's democracy "deteriorates" - says human rights group

The health of Hungary's democracy has "slightly deteriorated" according to the US human rights organisation, Freedom House. In its annual report said civil unrest and a polarised political environment had contributed to the deterioration. Freedom House also gave Hungary its highest rating for political and civil rights.

Bratislava plans new international airport terminal

Bratislava international airport should open an extra terminal in the first half of 2011, according to a new development strategy released this week. The project, which is estimated to cost between 72 and 100 million euro, will boost the airport's capacity to around four million passengers per year. The previous Slovak government planned to privatise the airport, but the current one has cancelled the sale.