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Poland says its commitment to Afghanistan is "long term"

The speaker of the Polish parliament, Ludwik Dorn, says Poland's mission to Afghanistan is important and long term. He was speaking on visit to Afghanistan where he met Polish soldiers serving as part of the International Security Assistance Force. Mr Dorn also met President Hamid Karzai and other Afghan officials for talks on the political situation. Poland has over 1,000 troops in the country.

Czechs remain opposed to US radar base - new poll

A new poll suggests a strong majority of Czechs are opposed to US plans to locate part of a missile defence shield on Czech soil. The survey, commissioned by the Foreign Ministry, said 64% of those polled are opposed to the radar base. The poll was taken shortly after a visit by US President George W. Bush early in June. It concluded that public opposition would not be so strong if the radar base was integrated into NATO.

Hungary will be home to major solar-cell producer

A United States company is planning to invest over 100 million euros in setting up a solar cell production facility in Hungary. Economy Minister Janos Koka, speaking in Washington, said the plant would be in the western district of Komaom-Esztergom with construction to start later this year. The plant will supply solar cells to the European market.

Slovak unemployment drops - but big differences remain

Slovakia's unemployment rate has fallen again with just over 50 thousand fewer jobless in May than at the same time last year. The unemployment rate fell by more than 2% to 8.33%. Slovak media report there is practically full employment in the west of the country, around the capital Bratislava. However regional differences are great with some areas in south central Slovakia registering up to 30% unemployment.

Kranjec to head Slovene central bank - after bitter political dispute

Slovenia's parliament has approved a new Central Bank governor, after months of political wrangling. Marko Kranjec a financial expert and former finance minister was supported by a strong majority of MP's. Slovenia has been without a Central Bank governor for nearly three months because of a dispute between President Janez Drnovsek and Prime Minister Janez Jansa over the candidates. The two leaders evenutally agreed to support Kranjec.