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Polish and Czech leaders seek common line on US missile installations

The Polish and Czech governments say they will coordinate talks with the United States on hosting parts of a U.S. missile defence shield on their soil. The statement came during a meeting between Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his Czech counterpart in Prague on Thursday. The U.S. wants to deploy missiles in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic as part of its global shield against long-range ballistic missiles. Both the Czech and Polish leaders said there was no rush to conclude the talks and that a satisfactory agreement was most important.

Russia and Poland discuss missiles and “security threats”

Russian officials were also discussing the US missile shield when they held talks in Warsaw on Thursday. Poland's chief missile defense negotiator and Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister said they discussed how to counter current and emerging security threats. The Polish official stressed the talks were not about Russian agreement to missile defenses.

Transparency International: Hungary’s procurement system “flawed”

The corruption watchdog, Transparency International, says Hungary's public procurement system is flawed with only about 10 percent of procurements fully in line with the law. In a new report Transparency said bribes, and the existence of what it called "a network of mutual favours", undermined public trust in the fairness of the system.

Slovakia seeking funding for new airport terminal

Slovakia is exploring funding options for the building of a new terminal at Bratislava International airport. Transport Minister Lubomir Vazny has indicated a decision on one of four alternatives will soon be taken by cabinet. He indicated a preference for either a joint venture, including a minority investor, or a concession agreement for 20 to 25 years. The Government has ruled out privatization of the airport.

Serbia hopes to sign EU agreement this month

Serbia says it hopes to sign a pre-membership deal with the European Union by the end of the month. The country's foreign minister, speaking in Belgrade, said the country has fulfilled EU conditions. Slovenia, which holds the EU Presidency, said it favours an early signing of the agreement. However observers say delays are possible with EU officials insisting Serbia cooperate fully with the UN war crimes tribunal before the signing.