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Tusk: Poland to move quickly to recognize Kosovo

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk says his government will soon recognise Kosovo's independence. He said Poland's most important allies, including leading EU countries and the United States had already done so and he would take steps to consult with the government and President Lech Kaczynski. He said the President had demonstrated "general dissatisfaction" with the proposal and added that he and the President disagreed on the issue of Kosovo's independence.

Slovakia adopts wait-and-see approach to Kosovo

Slovakia is the only member of the Visegrad group which appears unlikely to recognise Kosovo's independence. Speaking after last week's declaration in Pristina Slovak foreign minister Jan Kubis said he did not see an option to recognise Kosovo "only on the basis of the declaration". He said Slovakia will announce its official position in 4 months time. The Czech Republic has still to make up its mind on Kosovo independence while Slovenia and Hungary have said they will grant recognition. Austria is about to invite Pristina to open diplomatic relations.

Belgrade Embassy attacks “regrettable” – says EU President Slovenia

Slovenia's defence minister Karl Erjavec said the attacks by protesterrs on foreign embassies in Belgrade are to be regretted. Speaking at a meeting of EU defence ministers in Slovenia he said Serbia is sending a "very bad signal" to the world. He said he hoped that the situation in Belgrade and in the northern part of Kosovo would soon return to normal. Slovenia currently holds the European Union Presidency.

Hollywood producer denies Budapest studio project will stop

Hollywood film producer Andrew Vajna is denying reports in Hungarian media that he has lost interest in completing a major film studio complex outside Budapest. Vajna told MTI television the project is on track and there are no plans to stop. The Hungarian government offering the film industry a 20% tax break however it has run into objections from the European Union. Varna said the studio group was joining forces with the government to help resolve the dispute.

Czech court sentences former nurse to life imprisonment

A Czech court has convicted a former hospital worker to life in prison after finding him guilty of murdering seven patients. A judge said Petr Zelenka, was also found guilty of attempting to kill another 10 patients in a hospital in the town of Havlickuv Brod. The court was told that Zelenka injected the patients with a drug that caused massive bleeding. He apologized to the relatives of the victims and said he had no explanation as to why he committed the murders.