Hungary calls on artists from seven other countries to create a European Dance Caravan


Choreographers, dancers and folk festival directors from all over were in Hungary recently - preparing for a major joint project - a dance theatre piece which is supported by the EU's Culture Programme. The Duna Art Ensemble hosted the international visitors. We spoke to Andrea Vincze, artistic manager of the ensemble:

"The Duna Art Ensemble has a tradition of more than 45 years. It's a professional folk dance ensemble; however, our ambition is to create innovative dance theatre pieces as well. We have a children programmes and a contemporary-like programme, which is based on authentic Hungarian traditions."

How many members are in the ensemble?

"We have fifteen couples of dancers, five musicians, and of course there are also managers and those who work in the background."

Your work has again been recognised this time by the Culture 2000 framework programme of the European Union and in connection with their support you have decided to a huge project...

"The official title of the project is the European Dance Caravan - the European dissemination of the dance theatre piece. We cooperated with eight nations - Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Spain - but the main organiser is Hungary. We decided to create a dance theatre piece called the European Dance Caravan and the dissemination of it means that we will try to show this piece in different countries at big world festivals. So, the dance theatre piece will act as an imaginary caravan that is travelling around Europe."

What exactly is a dance theatre piece?

"It is not only pure folklore, in the sense that every group side by side presents its national dances and music but it will have a certain dramatic line, a meaning, and scenery."