Hundreds demonstrate against police over man’s death in Teplice

A commemorative gathering in Teplice for a Romany man who died last week shortly after being restrained by officers turned into a demonstration against the police, whom the local Roma community blames for the man’s death.  Several hundred people chanted “Come and kill us” and marched to the local police headquarters. The police monitored the demonstration, but did not interfere.

The police have rejected responsibility for the man’s death saying that the force used by officers to restrain him was appropriate in view of the man’s attempts to struggle. An autopsy later found that the man had succumbed to a drug overdose. The family say they will demand a second, independent autopsy.

The incident has raised concern in view of the manner in which the man was restrained, with critics  drawing a paralel to the death of George Floyd in the US. In a video shared widely on social media, a police officer is seen kneeling for minutes on the neck of the Romany man.