Hundreds attend anti-government protest in Prague

Saturday afternoon saw a demonstration against the current government on Prague’s Letná plain. According to police spokesman Jan Daněk the demonstration, which was organized by a group called the National recovery council, was attended by hundreds of people.

Protestors called for lower energy and food prices as well as for bringing down inflation. Aside from wanting the resignation of the Petr Fiala led cabinet, the leadership of the largest Czech energy conglomerate ČEZ and of the Energy Regulatory Office, the demonstrators also called for lowering energy prices to EUR 100 per Megawatt hour with Czech electricity only being sold on the local state market. Anti-US slogans could also be seen on the banners displayed by the protestors, Czech Television reports.

Speaking to the same TV network on Sunday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala ruled out any further lowering of energy price caps.