Hospital: President Zeman's health state stable

The health state of President Miloš Zeman has been stabilised, Military University Hospital in Prague spokeswoman Jitka Zinke told the Czech News Agency on Monday. She did not offer further details. The head of state was transfered to the hospital by ambulance from his Lány country residency. Dr Zavoral said that the president had been transferred to hospital based on his doctor’s recommendation and that he is now in the care of experts. He said that he was unable to provide details on the head of state’s diagnosis, because President Zeman does not wish this. Sources from Prague Castle said earlier that the president is suffering from diabetes and neuropathy of the lower limbs.

The head of state’s health has been bad in recent weeks. He was hospitalised in September for eight days.

The president plays an important constitutional role during this post-election period, as it is he who names a prime minister to form a government. SPOLU and Pirates and Mayors coalition leaders issued a memorandum on Saturday in which they agreed not to form a coalition with any other party in the lower-house and called on the president to issue SPOLU leader Petr Fiala with the task of forming a government. However, the president said earlier that he will name the leader of the strongest party with this task, which, based on the individual number of seats, is ANO Chairman Andrej Babiš.

Author: Tom McEnchroe