Hit of the Century music poll enters final stage


From January till May Radio Prague listeners had the opportunity to hear 100 songs which have gone down in the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. And listeners from all over the world helped us to select the best songs every week.

Some of the singers and hits gained international recognition, others are unknown to audiences abroad. As one listener from Germany, student Achim Kissel, wrote to us, thanks to our music poll he was able to hear not only Karel Gott, who is well-known in neighbouring Germany, but to gain some insight into Czech pop music trends through the years.

Pop music faithfully reflects the history of a country, and, as you may have noticed, our hits from the 1930s, 50s and 60s have nothing in common at all. Now, thanks to your vote, we will know which period was really the „Golden Era" of Czech pop music.

At this stage twelve songs that have received the most votes from you will advance to the semi-finals. On June 3 we will start voting on the best songs of the 1918-67period, a week later we will choose the hits from the years 1968-2017. Voting in the final will start on June 24th on radio.cz.

Ten participants in the voting, drawn in a lottery, will receive a CD with recordings of the best hits in a new arrangement. The release of the CD is planned for October of this year.

The following songs made the first final:

Old One, Wind-Up the Gramophone ( Stará, natoč gramofon)

That Czech Song of Ours (Ta naše písnička česká)

Say it to me quietly ( Řikej mi to, prosím, potichoučku)

Beer Barrel Polka (Škoda lásky)

A Song for Kristýnka ( Písen pro Kristýnku)

Grandma, teach me the Charleston (Babičko, nauč mě Charleston)

Since the Beer Barrel Polka, which lost by just two votes to Say it to Me Quietly, got the second most votes of any song, we decided to include it in the first semi-final as a wild card.

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