High concentration of mobile phones in the Czech Republic, but Czechs don’t spend long talking on them

According to research commissioned by the European Union, Czechs are amongst the most dependent upon mobile phones in Europe. The research found that for every 100 Czechs, there were 115 mobile telephones. Only Luxemburg, Lithuania and Italy ranked above the Czech Republic in this respect. Furthermore, some 42% of Czech households were found to be without a conventional landline phone, relying solely upon mobile telephones to make calls. Only Finland and Lithuania had a lower percentage of landline telephones installed in households than here in the Czech Republic. But the research found that the Czech Republic was one of the least chatty nations in Europe. Czechs talk on their phones for an average of 1.7 minutes a day. The only countries to use their phones less than the Czech Republic were Germany, Poland and Luxemburg.

Author: Rosie Johnston