Health minister appeals for discipline over the Easter holidays

Health Minister Jan Blatný has appealed to Czechs to observe the Covid restrictions in place over Easter, saying that how people behave over the long Easter weekend will influence the course of the epidemic and the subsequent easing of restrictions in the days to come.

Speaking at a press briefing in Prague on Thursday, Mr. Blatný said that if Czechs massively violate the restrictions over the holidays it may happen that schools in their region will not reopen on April 12 as planned.

He also warned that, in line with a newly signed agreement between the police and Health Ministry, the police would have access to a list of people in quarantine and would be making random checks on the roads.

The minister said he was not asking people to stay at home over the holidays, but to adhere to the stated safety measures. Travel between districts for non-essential reasons is still banned.