Head of main opposition party calls against wide-ranging business closure in case of coronavirus second-wave

The Chairman of the Civic Democrats, Petr Fiala, believes that another wide-ranging closure of businesses in the Czech Republic, if there were a second wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus, would be a mistake. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, he said it is necessary to prepare for a second wave in a wave that would prevent crippling measures against the operations of businesses. The statement came before Thursday’s extraordinary session in the Chamber of Deputies, which the Civic Democrats and Pirate Party hope will look into the questions surrounding state purchases of medical equipment and the financial support for citizens whose economic activity was impacted by the pandemic.

The opposition has been critical of the fact that the vast majority of medical equipment used in containing the coronavirus was purchased from China, rather than domestic businesses and that many individuals did not receive sufficient financial support from the state when government measures rendered them unable to work.

Author: Tom McEnchroe