Has anyone seen my tram? Bratislava tram stolen during toilet stop

Bratislava is buzzing with the story of the tram driver who lost his tram. Ivan Petoprsty stopped his tram for a toilet break and when he came back the tram was nowhere to be seen. It had been stolen from right outside the terminal station. There would seem to be limited opportunities for a getaway in a tram.

On Sunday, June the 17th, an unknown man stole a tram in Bratislava. The thief needed only several minutes to make his getaway while the driver was using the toilet. He was stopped after several kilometers, once the electricity was turned off. The driver claimed that he had locked the tram in accordance with the regulations. How is it possible for someone to steal a tram? A tram driver explains.

"A common man, layman, would not be able to use the vehicle of the public transport, especially a tram. So it must have been someone who's got experience with driving it, probably someone from the Bratislava Public City Transport. Everyone has to go through 3 months long training courses in order to master the tram. I'm working here for almost 20 years, but I have never ever heard about anything like that. It's just unbelievable."

The head of the public transport company, Branislav Zahradnik, says that it's not the first case of robbery of a public transport vehicle. Something similar happened before 1989. A drunk man, and former public transport employee, stole the tram while the driver was trying to move the switch on the track. Last year, there was another case when a group of young men attacked the bus driver with stones and stole his bus. It is clear however, that Sunday's case of the Man Who Stole the Tram in the capital of Slovakia attracted far more attention than previous cases. The reactions of people on the streets were rather amusing.

"It is a great idea, I have no tram at home yet." "Bravo. The guy had to have guts to do it. But it's a unique way of how to get the attention of media. It requires a real freak to do that!" "I have never ever heard anything like that and I think that man was so crazy."

The police immediately started an investigation. Its representatives, however, were not able to find any clues on the thief. A spokesperson for the police says they are investigating.

"The police are still searching for a culprit. The fleeing tram heading to the center of Bratislava has been found in couple of minutes later. However, the offender has fled. The police forces used special dogs and experts without satisfactory result. The thief's punishment ranges from 3 to 8 years in prison."

One big question remains: why did the man steal the tram? Where did he want to go? It was clear that he really couldn't get too far, because the track network is limited. It seems like a first-class joke. But was it really worthy risking 8 years vacation in prison?