Hackers claim they have stolen gigabytes of data belonging to Czech public agencies

A group of hackers is trying to sell information on the dark web which they claims contains internal data belonging to Gordic, a company whose systems support thousands of public agencies including the Czech Ministries of Defence and Interior, news site Aktuálně.cz reported on Tuesday. Gordic says that it has not registered any data leak, but the issue is being investigated by the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency.

The hacker group has set up an auction on the dark web for the 52GB of data which they claim contains personal employee data, e-mails, contracts, accounting details and further unspecified content. The asking price for the information has been set to USD 100,000 by the hackers, who promise to deliver the information immediately if the sum is raised to USD 500,000.

Author: Tom McEnchroe