Greenpeace activists occupy Prunéřov II site

A group of Greenpeace activists have climbed to the top of a 300-metre chimney at the coal-fired power plant at the centre of the row which caused Jan Dusík to quit as environment minister. A spokesman for state electricity producer ČEZ said around 12 activists forced their way onto the Prunéřov site in north-west Bohemia. Greenpeace leaders say they will stay up the chimney for several nights. Greenpeace accuses the company of responsibility for Dusík’s resignation and say the new Minister of Environment can only banish suspicions he is a ČEZ placeman by blocking its plans. A report by Norwegian organisation DNV for the environment ministry last week said ČEZ had not used the best available technology for the proposed modernisation with higher pollution a result.

Author: Chris Johnstone