Government rejects opposition 'dangerous dogs' bill

Much debate has sprung up within the Czech Republic recently regarding the proposed Bill Number 805, which attempts to restrict and institutionalise the breeding of so called "dangerous dogs" following a spate of highly publicised attacks. The bill, proposed by the opposition, was first discussed in the Cabinet on Wednesday, where it was rejected. Pavla Navratilova has more details on this heated issue.

Bill 805 was proposed by the opposition Freedom Union MP Zdenek Korista and concerns the breeding and registration of certain breeds of dogs considered "dangerous," such as Rottweilers, Dobermans and Bull Terriers. The bill may have been rejected by the Social Democrat government, but will still be discussed by parliament in the near future.

The Czech Republic is known as a nation of dog lovers, and such a bill, which also restricts the handling of all dogs, has met with widespread public criticism. I talked to vet Karel Daniel, who expressed various concerns towards the bill. Those of you who don't like dogs might want to avoid Prague's Wenceslas Square next Thursday, when a mass demonstration will be held in protest of the bill.

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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