Fugitive Krejčíř seeking voluntary extradition to Czech Republic

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejčíř is seeking extradition to the Czech Republic according to the South African news site News 24. According to the news source Krejčíř has asked for voluntary extradition in return for turning state witness in all cases. According to a letter compiled by his lawyer, Krejčíř had "collusive, corrupt dealings" with former high profile members of the police and a magistrate and was ready to testify to that effect. "My client will plead guilty to all charges if he is given a concurrent ten-year jail sentence in respect of each offence," his lawyer’s letter says. Krejčíř is currently on trial for the murder of a Lebanese national. Earlier, he was convicted on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping in another case. In the Czech Republic he is wanted for tax fraud and conspiracy to murder.