Free films on show at Prague's Police Museum


Most people who visit Prague's Police Museum are interested in uniforms, guns, old handcuffs - that kind of thing. This week however, the Police Museum is attracting film fans - the reason; all week films are being shown for free there as part of the Febiofest film festival. The theme of the films being shown at the musuem is law and order and Ian Willoughby went along on Monday to a viewing of the 1971 Clint Eastwood film Dirty Harry.

Man attending film: "I like Clint Eastwood - this film is about this artist. Dirty Harry - and his big gun. It's easy policeman - it's an easy film one is good the others are bad."

Other man attending film: "Most of the films are either action films or comedies. I like them because I have a supporter of the police. I served in the police for several years so I like those kind of films so I come here - it's my second or third time here in the Police Musuem."

Ian Willoughby also spoke to one of the organisers of Febiofest Tereza Brdeckova who told him this year is not the first that free films have been shown.

"Three years ago we started to organise something in the main railway station, Wilson station. We screened films for homeless people. It was a very famous action. As the programme director I was a bit angry because afterwards the papers didn't write about the films we brought but about the soup we gave to the homeless people. Last year we did the same in hospitals. We had a cinema in the big hospital on Karlovo Namesti."

And why the police museum this year?

"Our idea was to screen films about the police, but at the police station on Bartolomejska. We tried to negotiate with them and they offered us the Police Museum."

Febiofest is a touring festival. Will free films also be shown in the other cities the festival will visit?

"I don't think so. Our idea was to bring to the cinema people who don't have a penny, people who have no place to go, people who have problems with the law, people who have problems with health. And that's all. In the small cities the idea is to bring something people can't normally see at the cinema."