Frantisek Tomasek

In a two-man show in one of Prague's theatres several years ago, a famous Czech actor asked his colleague if G. B. Shaw had lived a long life when he died at the age of 94. The other actor said 'of course, it was a long life'. No, it was not, replied the first one, 'because had G. B. Shaw lived for 100 years, he would have still had something important to convey, while there are lots of 30 year olds, whose existence is redundant as they will never have anything clever to say.

Cardinal Frantisek Tomasek died at the age of 93 and had he lived longer, he would certainly have had an important message for all of us. This edition of Czechs in History will reveal his life and views, which had helped a lot of Czech people to go on living, and sometimes even survive against the odds.