Four thousand year-old treasure to go on display

Four thousand year-old gold and bronze jewellery and tools found by a Czech dog walker at Libochovany in May will go on display at the Teplice museum at the weekend, the museum’s director, Bohuslav Boček, has told journalists. Bronze axes, jewellery and decorations were probably unearthed by wild boars close to a tourist trail leading up a hill overlooking the Elbe River valley; archaeologists have called the find unique. The dog walker picked up the rare objects and addressed Teplice archaeologists who returned to the spot the next day and found further smaller fragments of metals and ceramics. The metal items were probably placed in a ceramic vessel of which only two small fragments have survived to date. Under the law, the finder is entitled to a reward, which is estimated in the tens of thousands of crowns.

Author: Jan Velinger