Former prime minister directed by office head says paper

The Czech daily Mladá fronta Dnes gave details drawn from police documents Thursday of how the former head of prime minister Petr Nečas’ office was the real mover and shaker at the centre of the Civic Democrat (ODS) government. The paper said the police had mapped how Jana Nagyová was involved in seeking to fill top posts at the Supreme Audit Office, Administration for State Material Reserves, Czech Post, former Land Office, the ODS party, and the national police force. Nagyová, who later married Nečas, was a magnet for so- called ‘godfathers’ seeking to exert influence and place and even Cabinet minister often had to go through her to get to the prime minister, the paper reported. Nečas’ government was eventually brought down when it was revealed Nagyová had used the security service to keep tabs on Nečas’ wife.

Author: Chris Johnstone