Former PM discusses political ambitions, says he will not run for seat in lower house

Former prime minister Miloš Zeman, who is planning on founding a new political party in the Czech Republic, has said he will not run for a seat in the lower house in the next election. He made the statement on Sunday as a guest on a popular TV debate programme, saying he was ready to chair the party being put together by supporters. Miloš Zeman retired from politics in 2002 - although he made a brief return a year later in an unsuccessful bid for the Czech presidency. Mr Zeman has cited what he called “citizens’ disgust with politicians – not politics” as being the impulse for him to come back. A recent internet poll by SANEP, has suggested most Czechs do not want to see Mr Zeman return to politics, although a majority assessed his past political actives positively.

Author: Jan Velinger