Former advisor to Miloš Zeman issues property seizure proposal against president

The former advisor to President Miloš Zeman, Zdeněk Šarapatka, has issued a property seizure proposal against the current head of state, Mr Šarapatka announced via Twitter on Tuesday. The proposal comes after the president failed to apologise to Mr Šarapatka, despite being ordered to do so by court.

Miloš Zeman said in November 2017 that Mr Šarapatka was fired from his position at the Office of the Government for incompetence. However, the former adviser said he left his job after a mutual agreement by both parties and a subsequent trial ruled in his favour.

President Zeman’s lawyer, Marek Nespala, said on Monday that he has asked the Czech Supreme Court to postpone the execution of the court ruling.