Foreign Minister: Visegrad countries together

The Czech Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda, also in Brussels, has also reacted, saying that a failure to reach a deal on Friday could have a negative impact on new EU member states.

"If there is no deal today it could be difficult for the new member states. But, still, I believe that we are 'sitting at the same table'. I believe we have to reach a consensus on the financial proposal. And, if the proposal is against the new member states, then well we will say 'No'."

The foreign minister said that the Visegrad countries, of which the Czech Republic is a part, were more or less sticking together on a number of issues:

"There are some slight, differences, definitely: from the macro-economic point of view agriculture is currently not as important, but politically yes, politically definitely. Generally speaking we stick together."

Author: Jan Velinger