Foreign minister: PM’s statements part of debate within EU

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg has said that sharp words by outgoing Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek in Strasbourg this week - criticising steps taken by the Obama administration to tackle the economic crisis - were not intended against the US. Mr Schwarzenberg made the statement on Friday at an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers, stressing the prime minister’s speech was part of a debate within the European Union. This week the Czech prime minister made world headlines a day after his government was ousted, when he characterised the current course of action by the US as “the way to hell”. In Strasbourg, he fiercely criticised huge cash injections as a repeat of mistakes made in the 1930s. He later stood by his statement but joked that his choice of words may have been influenced by the famous rock group AC/DC. The band recently performed in the Czech Republic.

Author: Jan Velinger