Foreign Minister Lipavský visits Australia as part of his Indo-Pacific tour

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský continues his working trip to the Indo-Pacific region. After a stop in New Delhi, Mr. Lipavský arrived in Australia on Saturday. It is the first visit by a Czech head of diplomacy to the continent in twenty years.

In addition to discussing security issues with his counterpart Penny Wong in Canberra, Mr. Lipavský will be meeting representatives of the Czech expat community, which is one of the largest in the world. Among other things, they will be discussing the issue of postal voting.

Australia is also one of the ten most important markets for Czech exporters outside the European Union. The next stop of Mr. Lipavský, who is accompanied by a business delegation led by the Cofederation of Industry and Transport, will be Tokyo on February 29.

Author: Ruth Fraňková