Foreign Minister awards Czech Medals of Merit for Diplomacy

On the occasion of the Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy, Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský awarded 15 people and two organisations for their contributions to diplomacy at a ceremony at the Czernin Palace on Friday.

Among the Czechs honoured are Radek Matula, former ambassador to Ukraine, Helena Koenigsmarková, who headed the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague for over 30 years, Lenka Froulíková, author of Czech textbooks for foreigners, and javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková.

Three Czech diplomats, including Jakub Dürr, former ambassador to Poland, Kateřina Fialková, former Czech Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and Monika Studená, former Deputy Ambassador to Israel, received the medal in memoriam.

Medals for merit were also handed to William F. Martin, an American energy economist, who previously served as Executive Secretary of the National Security Council and Deputy Secretary of Energy, Fernando Lorenz de Azevado, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and Jaime Martín Puchol, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Barcelona.

In addition, Minister Lipavský also awarded two organisations, Charity of the Czech Republic and the Czech School without Borders.

Author: Ruth Fraňková