Football: Chelsea win Europa League

London football club Chelsea, with star goalkeeper Petr Čech, have clinched back-to-back European titles (last year triumphing in the Champions League and this year the Europa League). On Thursday night, Chelsea got the jump on Benfica on the hour on a Fernando Torres breakaway, although Benfica’s Cardozo soon tied the game on a penalty. Later in the match, Cardozo struck a perfect volley that was only just cleared by Čech, while at the opposite end Lampard shot from 25 metres and hit the woodwork. The winner for Chelsea came from Branislav Ivanovič just before the final whistle. Even so, with five or ten seconds remaining Benfica’s Cardozo had an opportunity to equalise but the ball was kicked away by Gary Cahill in a scramble in front of Čech.

Author: Masha Volynsky