Fischer says familiarization with government ministries priority over next few days

Interim Prime Minister Jan Fischer said on Tuesday that his priority over the next couple of days would be to familiarize himself with the working of the Czech Republic’s various government ministries, especially those whose agenda included the running of the Czech Republic’s EU presidency. On Tuesday, Mr Fischer met outgoing prime minister Mirek Topolánek, and spoke with the leader of the Civic Democrats for around an hour. On Wednesday, Mr Fischer is expected to meet outgoing deputy prime minister for European Affairs Alexandr Vondra and Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. According to the caretaker prime minister’s spokesman, Roman Prorok, Mr Fischer wants to start discussing the form his interim cabinet should take with party leaders from across the political spectrum in the next couple of days. It is too early yet, however, for Mr Fischer to meet candidates for the individual ministerial positions, Mr Prorok added.

Author: Rosie Johnston